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Our History

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Ever since our founding in 2005, we have always striven to build an institution that trains students who are capable of meeting the demands of the culinary industry.

To do so, we continue to strive in building strong partnerships with restaurants, hotels, and catering businesses throughout Hong Kong. Not content with that, we have also branched out to other partner culinary institutions around the world, so that our students are guaranteed to have the skills, qualifications and experience needed to succeed anywhere

We are recognized by the University of Derby in preparing our students for their top-up final year degree program.

We are an accredited as a WSET Examination Centre as well as Hong Kong Hotels Association and HKFORT Recognized Training Body.

We provide professional trainings hosted by distinguished European and American chefs, catering professionals and catering managers, keeping our students and faculty up-to-date with the latest industry best practices.

Our Vision

We open possibilities by being the premier institution in Hong Kong and South East Asia that empowers the youth with the skills and experiences needed to be competitive in the culinary industry.

Our Goals

  • To provide in-person kitchen practice at schools and internships under the Hong Kong Hotels Association training schemes.
  • To inculcate among our pupils the importance of having the right attitude as well as being disciplined inside and outside the kitchen.
  • To train our students in preparing Western-style food that is healthy and delicious.
  • To give opportunities for our trainees and faculty in sharpening their skills by supporting their participation in competitions and trade shows.
  • To collaborate with the Hong Kong Boys & Girls Association by volunteering our expertise at their charitable events.
  • To support the environment by partnering with Greeners Action and 5S Association so as to eliminate and reduce food waste.

Our Team

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Our Partners