City & Guilds Assured Certificate in Food Business Start-up (Can)

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This course teaches students to create a successful food industry start-up. It covers identifying opportunities, testing recipes, business planning, and more. Students will learn marketing, finance, operations, and additional considerations specific to the food industry. Practical experience in sourcing ingredients, complying with regulations, and identifying distribution channels is provided. Guidance is also given on developing & marketing unique food products, building brand awareness, and setting prices. Completion of this program will equip students with the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully launch their own food start-ups and navigate the ever-changing food industry landscape confidently.


  • Unit 1: Cost Control
  • Unit 2: Pricing
  • Unit 3: Gross Profit Concept
  • Unit 4: Selection of Supplier
  • Unit 5: Market Analysis and Strategy
  • Unit 6: Brief Introduction to Company and Tax Ordinance
  • Unit 7: Brief Introduction to the IT for service industry
  • Unit 8: Types of License
  • Unit 9: Foods Types and Positioning
  • Unit 10: Drinks Types and Positioning
  • Unit 11: Risk Management


Students who achieve an attendance of 100% will be able to meet the course’s assessment criteria. Upon doing so, they may apply for an “Attendance Certificate in Catering Business Start-up”.  Award will be issued within 3 months.

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