Assured Certificate in Soy Bean Cookery

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Medium of Instruction: Cantonese

This program teaches potential students to use soybeans in their menus through hands-on instruction. They will learn to prepare soybeans as tofu, tempeh, and soy milk and explore the nutritional benefits. Students will learn how to plate and garnish soybean-based dishes while developing the skills to integrate soybeans into their menus for healthier, sustainable dining options. 


Students who are able to pass the final assessment may apply for “Certificate in Soy Bean Cookery”.  Award will be issued within 3 months.

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  • Unit 1: Food safety in catering
  • Unit 2: Health and safety awareness for catering and hospitality
  • Unit 3: Introduction to kitchen equipment
  • Unit 4: Prepare and cook food by boiling, poaching and steaming
  • Unit 5: Prepare and cook food by stewing and braising
  • Unit 6: Prepare and cook food by baking, roasting and grilling
  • Unit 7: Prepare and cook food by deep frying and shallow frying
  • Unit 8: Regeneration of pre-prepared food
  • Unit 9: Cold food preparation
  • Unit 10: Soy Bean Principle, Application and Development
  • Unit 11: Final Assessment

Entry Requirement

Potential student's age must be greater than 13 years old and must have a height of at least 1.4 meters.

Final Assessment

Final grading of this course is determined by the following factors:

  • Practical assessment in the kitchen whose weight accounts for 50% of the final grade
  • Written assessment in the classroom whose weight accounts for 50% of the final grade


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