Basic Bartender Course

Table of Contents



Legal Notice:
Under the law of Hong Kong, intoxicating liquor must not be sold or supplied to a minor in the course of business.


This course teaches basic bartending skills, responsible service, creation of classic and unique drinks, and maintaining a clean workplace. It’s suitable for beginners or those wishing to refresh their skills. Students can expect to leave the course with the confidence to work in a bar setting and provide excellent customer service while crafting delicious drinks.


  • Lesson 1
    • History of Cocktails
    • Equipment Usage
  • Lesson 2
    • Spirits
    • Liqueurs
    • Aperitifs
  • Lesson 3
    • Cocktail Making
  • Lesson 4
    • Cocktail Demonstration

Your Instructor

Chef Wong

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Students who achieve a minimum attendance of 75% may apply for “Attendance Certificate in Basic Bartender”  Award will be issued within 3 months.

Tuition Fee



What should I prepare on the first day?

Kindly pay the initial deposit for the course as well as prepare the following items:

  1. Chef uniform set deposit - total $392 in cash (uniform - $300, apron - $50, big towel - $30, and chef hat - $12; non refundable)
  2. Two new kitchen clothes with different colors $12 
  3. 6'' cake mould - $30
  4. Cake box $12

What payment methods do you accept?

Valid payment methods and their instructions can be found here.

What is your policy on make up classes?

Make-up classes are allowed but are subject to: prior approval, validity of proof of absence and availability. In addition, make-up classes do not count as attendances.

Are there additional charges?

Miscellaneous charges can be found here.

How to Enroll

You may download our enrollment form here or fill out our online application form. 

The Academy reserves the right to adjust course arrangements, assessments and teaching methods. For further inquiries, please feel free to contact us.