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Fulltime Courses

Our fulltime courses are designed to prepare anyone into qualified professionals capable of competing in the Food and Beverage industry here in Hong Kong and around the world. With our unique combination of in-kitchen instruction, industry collaborations, and international experience, you can be certain that no matter where you go, your skills will always be in demand. 

CourseLengthCredentialMedium of InstructionAwarding Institute
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Food Business Management (Top-up Degree)1 YearBachelor of Arts (Honours)EnglishUniversity of West London, UK
Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in International Hospitality Management (Top-up Degree) 1 YearBachelor of Arts (Honours)EnglishUniversity of Derby, UK
Advanced Diploma in Hotel Culinary Management (3 Years) 3 YearsAdvanced DiplomaEnglishHKCA
Advanced Diploma in Hotel Culinary Management (2 Years)2 YearsAdvanced DiplomaEnglishHKCA
Diploma in Culinary Arts (Full-time)(One Semester)1 SemDiplomaEnglishHKCA
Diploma in Bakery & Pastry (Full-time)(One Semester)1 SemDiplomaEnglishHKCA

Part-time Courses

Our part-time courses are designed for those who wish to entire the world of culinary arts but have limited time to do so. Choose from a variety of options and become a better cook while maintaining daily commitments. Learn from chefs, network with like-minded classmates, and build confidence in your cooking skills.

CourseLengthSpecializationMedium of Instruction
Diploma in Hotel Culinary Arts1 YearCooking & BakingEnglish
Certificate in Restaurant Operations2 Months

Daytime Intensive Courses

Our intensive courses are for those who are interested in obtaining a strong mastery over a particular skillset in the kitchen over a very short time. For those who are interested, be prepared to make a full day commitment over a a couple of weeks.

Course NameLengthSpecializationMedium of Instruction
Sunday Diploma in Culinary Arts6 MonthsCookingEnglish
Diploma in Patisserie3 MonthsBaking
Weekend Certificate in European Cuisine2 MonthsCookingEnglish
High Diploma in Professional Bakery & Pastry1 MonthBaking

Professional Interest Courses

Whether you are a beginner just setting foot in the world of culinary arts or a seasoned professional, our short courses are designed to help you obtain mastery over a particular cuisine or a method of food preparation quickly and rapidly.  

CourseTypeCuisineMedium of Instruction
Sunday Diploma in Culinary ArtsCooking & BakingGeneralEnglish
Diploma in PatisserieBakingGeneral
Basic French CookeryCookingFrenchEnglish
Basic French Cookery IICookingFrenchEnglish
Traditional British CookeryCookingBritishEnglish
Basic Italian CookeryCookingItalianEnglish
Basic Spanish CookeryCookingSpanishEnglish
Beef Master CookingBeefGeneralEnglish
Italian Vegan Cooking and PresentationVeganItalianEnglish
Indian CookingCookingIndianEnglish
English Patisserie (Cake)BakingGeneralEnglish
English Patisserie (Bread)BakingGeneralEnglish
English Patisserie (Pie & Tart)BakingGeneralEnglish
Starter & Main Course (Beginner)CookingGeneralCantonese
Starter & Main Course (Intermediate)CookingGeneralCantonese
Basic Patisserie (Cake)BakingGeneralCantonese
Basic Patisserie (Bread)BakingGeneralCantonese
Basic Patisserie (Pie & Tart)BakingGeneralCantonese
Basic Patisserie (International Bread)BakingGeneralCantonese
Bakery, Pastry & CookiesBakingGeneralCantonese
Cakes & DessertBakingGeneralCantonese
Intermediate Bakery, Pastry & CookiesBakingGeneralCantonese
Intermediate Cake & ChocolateBakingGeneralCantonese
Advanced Bread & CakesBakingGeneralCantonese
French Fusion PastryBakingGeneralCantonese
European DessertsBakingGeneralCantonese
European Sourdough BreadBakingGeneral
Basic Bartender CourseMixologyGeneralCantonese
New Course 1

Seasonal Courses

Our seasonal courses are only open during certain times of the year. While intake is limited, we can guarantee that our focus on training quality will provide you the needed skills to excel in your culinary endeavors.  

CourseTypeSeasonMedium of InstructionHas Interpretor?
Summer Diploma in PatisserieBakingSummer
Mooncake WorkshopBakingAutumnCantoneseYes, Requires additional fee
Summer Certificate in European CuisineCookingEnglishNo
Classic Gueridon Flambe WorkshopCooking

City & Guides

Our seasonal courses are only open during certain times of the year. While intake is limited, we can guarantee that our focus on training quality will provide you the needed skills to excel in your culinary endeavors.