Basic Patisserie D (International Bread) – 1 star
Course Code :bpatid
Course : Basic Patisserie D (International Bread)
Fee : HKD $4700
Course code: BPATID




  • HK$4,700 (Apply and Paid on or before 31th August, 23:59)
    HK$5,300 (Apply since 1st September, 00:00)


  • This course will focus on the basic skills and techniques in baking international bread items.  Students will learn how to prepare, proof and bake with low salt, no additives, and no preservatives.  The bread items have been proof to be healthy in the process and raw materials.


  • bpatid01 – Golden Germ Birthday Bread
  • bpatid02 – Custard Orange Cinnamon Roll
  • bpatid03 – Fourgasse
  • bpatid04 – Wheat Ear with Sausage
  • bpatid05 – Japanese Curry Bread
  • bpatid06 – Yogurt Toast Bread
  • bpatid07 – Little Paris (Vietnam) with Nicoise Salad
  • bpatid08 – Earl Grey Chicken Submarine


  • Hanny Chan graduates from numerous famous school for pastry and sugar works.  She has a comprehensive knowledge in pastry.  She also has many years of experience in teaching pastry.

Course Arrangement:

  • 8 lessons, 3 hours per lesson

  • Medium of Instruction: Cantonese (supplement with English and French terminology)

  • Maximum no: 16

  • Assessments: Not Applicable

  • Awards: “Attendance Certificate in Basic Patisserie D” (Attendance: 75% or above)  Award will be issued within 3 months.

To Apply:

Further study:

  • For those who are interested in learning more advanced baking theories and techniques, you can apply for our Diploma in Patisserie.

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