Bachelor of Arts (Honours) in Food Business Management (Top-up Degree)

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Graduates from the Advanced Diploma in Hotel Culinary Management (2 Years) or the Advanced Diploma of Culinary Management (3 Years) can pursue further studies at the University of Derby by completing a Bachelor of Arts Degree in International Hospitality Management

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  • You’ll learn how to manage hospitality venues and so much more: we’ll also give you the leadership and entrepreneurial skills needed to excel in the hospitality industry – a sector that needs reshaping and rebuilding after the Covid pandemic
  • You’ll learn how hospitality, tourism and events overlap to make up the wider ‘visitor economy’, and work closely with Events and Tourism students – this will broaden your career options
  • This BA (Hons) International Hospitality Management degree is designed to give you the management and operational skills needed to succeed in the hospitality industry of the 2020s and beyond. We have a track record of running successful hospitality management degrees, and now we’ve updated our curriculum to be even more relevant to the industry today.
  • You’ll cover the full range of modern-day hospitality management and business management skills. You’ll learn to problem-solve and adapt to changing external environments, create innovative hospitality ‘concepts’ and customer experiences while considering sustainability, and plan, manage and evaluate projects. You’ll also use digital technology throughout the course.

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Entry Requirements

Prospective students must have a minimum of 5.5 – 6.0 in all bands in the IELTS Examination. Additional requirements can be found in their site.

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You may download our enrollment form here or fill out our online application form.