Diploma in Culinary Arts (Full-time)(One Semester)

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This diploma course teaches culinary skills in a semester. Students learn cooking, presentation, nutrition, and kitchen management, along with food safety. Lectures, practicals, and group work enhance skills like teamwork, creativity, and presentation. Graduates can pursue various careers like chef, caterer, or manager in culinary industry.


  • Unit 1: Different cooking methods in the preparation of Western cuisine
  • Unit 2: Correct and safe techniques in the use of kitchen tools
  • Unit 3: Maintaining hygienic standards in the workplace
  • Unit 4: Organizing and maintaining a kitchen workstation
  • Unit 5: Operating machinery in a Western kitchen
  • Unit 6: Performing kitchen duties (from preparation to presentation within time constraints)
  • Unit 7: Producing a wide range of popular Western culinary dishes
  • Unit 8: Correct use of portion control
  • Unit 9: Demonstrating the plating concept
  • Unit 10: Using safe methods for disposing of kitchen waste

Entry Requirements

Prospective students must fulfill the following requirements:

For Newly-Graduated Secondary Students:

  • must have completed  Secondary 5 with grade E in HKCEE English (Syllabus B) or grade C in English (Syllabus A) or 4.5 in IELTS exam or
  • must have completed Secondary 6 with Level 2 in the HKDSE English Exam or 4.5 in IELTS exam

For Mature Applicants:

  • must be a holder of a Diploma for Tertiary Studies or
  • must be a holder of a Yi Jin Diploma or
  • must be a holder of Pre-Associate Degree / Diploma or
  • must be aged 21 or above with relevant year(s’) working experience in related industry(s) or
  • must possess any equivalent qualification

For All Applicants

  • must pass the admission interview

English Proficiency

Applicants who do not have:

  • a grade of E in HKCEE English (Syllabus B) or
  • a grade of C in English (Syllabus A) or
  • has not passed Level 2 in the HKDSE English Exam or
  • has not scored 4.5 in IELTS exam

must pass an English comprehension test on listening and reading during admission interview.

English Tutors

Applicants who are experiencing difficulty with the English course material can avail of the school’s team of professional European and American tutors.


To obtain the Diploma in Culinary Arts from the Academy, students must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Achieve 90% attendance or above in each Module
  • All modules combined must achieve 50% or above in average (does not include the industrial training)

Further Studies

Students who have graduated from this course can apply for the Diploma in Bakery & Pastry in semester 2 starting from 1st Mar to 3rd June 2022 and get their tuition fee reduced to HK$41,500.

Tuition Fee

  • Total Tuition:
    • HK$58,100
  • Miscellaneous Fees:
    • HK$2,500 (Includes Chef Uniform x 1, Apron x 1, Big Towel x 1, Small Towel x 2, Chef Hat, Individual & Group Insurances, Notes & Ingredients)
  • Application Fee:
    • HK$200

Common Questions

What payment methods do you accept?

Valid payment methods and their instructions can be found here.

Are there additional charges?

Miscellaneous charges can be found here.

How to Enroll

You may download our enrollment form here or fill out our online application form.